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About CGM Crystal

CGM  Crystal is a leading manufacturing supplier that carries optic crystal gifts, awards, trophies, and promotional items. Our continuous efforts in art design, raw material selection, craftsmanship, and quality control ensures that our clients receive the industry's finest.  We work closely with promotional product consultants and trophy retailers to produce exemplar merchandise suitable for road shows, marketing, anniversaries, ceremonies, and countless other events.We offer the most competitive prices in the business and additionally discounted for rates to match any budget.

Customization is also our area of expertise as our team can diligently create crystals suited to your preference. Our on-site warehouse is fully stocked with an extensive inventory of merchandise while our team of professional engravers are ready to design as soon as your order is placed.

Our mission is to provide timely and superior service that exceeds the expectations of every interest.  With our extensive knowledge of crystal awards and service, we understand that every request is distinctive and incomparable. Therefore, our helpful and friendly assistance make sure to tailor every order to its specific needs. The decision to choose CGM Crystal is crystal clear! Welcome aboard a new partnership in outstanding service and first-rate products!